Sunday, August 1, 2010

Blessed Lughnasadh!

"Lugh" by Mickie Mueller

May your harvest be plentiful, your strength be true, and your company great!  
May the sun shine warm upon you and may your August be filled with joy!

Here, enjoy this lovely ditty by Omnia.  It should get you into the mood.

"Lughnasadh" by Omnia

Also, for your viewing and listening pleasure, a song from the infamous "Wicker Man."  Weretoad thinks it's strange that I find enjoyment from the movie, what with its murder and misrepresentation, but I do so love the music.  While listening to the latest edition of A Darker Shade of Pagan, I heard a familiar tune.  Where did I hear that before?  I googled the name and, sure enough, it was one of those lovely pieces from "The Wicker Man" - "Corn Rigs" by Magnet.

I will post later about my Lughnasadh, complete with photos of the Tailtiu doll.

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  1. Oh, you're welcome. Somehow I think that if we seek out and connect with our fellow Pagans, our community can only get stronger ^^ Plus, I love the color of your yarn! Can't wait to see what it turns into.
    Happy Lammas!

  2. Great Post :D
    Thought you might like my machinima film,
    The Lammas Wickerman
    Bright Blessings