Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"A future I'd like to stick around for."

Our old friend Jason posted about a recent study by the Pew Forum. This one zeroes in on "Millenials"- people who "came of age" in or around the year 2000. So...people like me!

It looks as if Millenials are less religiously affiliated than those who came before. We're also more tolerant of homosexuality and evolution. I encourage you to look at the rest of the study.

According to Jason of the "Wild Hunt":

What does it all mean? It could certainly mean a more tolerant world, as an overwhelming majority of this generation believe there is more than “one true way”, and that the Bible isn’t the literal word of God. Less than half even believe that religion is important. Millenials, along with Generation X, represent a sea-change in attitudes that have so bitterly divided previous generations. A “post-Christian” future, one where Christianity is only one voice among many, seems ever more likely. A world where religion may be female-dominated and largely private. Sounds like a future I’d like to stick around for.

Me too.

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