Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I often wonder this about my Catholic family members...


  1. HAHAHA I consider my self a Christian, but I do not believe all that the Catholics believe. I believe in God, Nature and a possibility of ghosts. I think spirits sometimes have unfinished business and have to stay...I know you aren't a huge fan but My favorite book by Jodi Picout is Second Glance about a man who is obsessed with reconnecting to his fiance who as passed. Its amazing. I also feel that people need to believe in something even if it isn't God as long as they have faith in something "good" that wont harm others. Silly comic though I know what you mean though...

  2. Yeah - I realize Catholicism is more complicated than this comic makes it, but I do wonder sometimes... For the record, I knew you didn't consider yourself a Catholic anymore. :)