Sunday, May 2, 2010

Let me introduce you to Sif!

Sif is a Norse Goddess.  She's Thor's wife and is known for her beautiful, golden hair.

Here is my interpretation of her.  She's sitting in the forest with her horn of mead.

Here is a closeup of her sitting in a tree.

Sif is a one of a kind art doll and is not a toy due to some slight armatures, beading, and chains.  She was so much fun to make and and I learned a lot as I went along.

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  1. She is amazing! Wow. I love the outfit so much. Can I ask what you made the face and hands from?

  2. Thanks so much! Aside from the beading, chains, and polymer drinking horn, she's made entirely from fabric, polyester stuffing, thread, wire, and acrylic paint.