Monday, May 10, 2010

North American Nature Spirits

Mothers' Day was fun.  I don't have any children of my own but I was blessed to celebrate with my own mother.  I somehow convinced her that the whole family should go to the zoo.  The original plans were to go to Alexandria Bay but, considering how cold it already was, wandering around so close to a large body of water would not have been fun.  The zoo was the most exciting thing I could think of doing that didn't involve wandering around the mall - and we always seem to do that when they visit.  It was chilly but very enjoyable.  The animals were out and active.  The Thompson Park Zoo in Watertown is really quite lovely.  My whole family was impressed and can't wait to go back again.  Hubby and I used our new video camera but we seem to be missing the chord that allows us to upload onto our computers.  We also brought our camera and got some great shots.  Here are some of my favorite photos/animals.

A yawning fisher.  Isn't he adorable?! (Photo by my husband.)

The otter!  He was so much fun to watch.  (Photo by my husband.)

A male wolverine.  The wolverine is fast becoming one of my most favorite animals ever.  They're so much fun to watch and what they're capable of is downright impressive!  (Photo by my husband.)

An albino snapping turtle.  Isn't he awesome looking?!  (Photo by me.)

My husband took some wonderful photos of the bobcats but I don't know where they went...  There was only one lynx this time and s/he was sleeping with his back turned to us, so no good photos there.  Oh well - there's always next time.  They're putting in a couple new exhibits in the nocturnal animal building.  I can't wait to see what!  

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