Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Summer Solstice!

The longest day of the year was largely overshadowed by work today.  I'm thankful for the celebratory time I had this weekend.  I would like to pick strawberries though.  Weretoad and I have a tradition in which we pick strawberries on or around the Summer Solstice.  I know there are places up here; it's just a matter of getting the time.

We made today special by visiting with a friend who was in the area with her boyfriend on vacation.  I haven't seen her since our handfasting in October.  It was great to actually hang out with a friend in our neck of the woods for a change.  Immediate family aside, people generally don't visit us.  We're rather far from the tribe.  We went to the Lyric Cafe in Clayton and sat outside.  Weretoad and I had iced chai lattes and roasted mushrooms with onions and peppers.  Mmmm...  The Bay makes for a nice atmosphere, even when it's only a appreciated in the background.

My vacation officially starts next week.  I'm looking forward to more time in Alexandria Bay.

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